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Manufacturer of mechanical ventilation units with heat recovery and heat exchangers

Breathing is the basis of existence. Do you agree with this? Raise the standard of living and let yourself breathe deeply in your direct environment.

At Rotor-Vent company we produce modern equipment that ensures adequate ventilation in different types of premises.. Improving air circulation is our passion. We produce mechanical ventilation units, including modern heat exchangers. Every product is designed to the smallest detail. We want you to always feel comfortable and cool wherever you are!



Is it possible to have fresh air at work or at home every day? Nowadays with rapid industrial development we find it hard to believe that we can effectively limit the inhalation of pollutants. No wonder that the air outside isn’t perfect. Harmful and solid particles are suspended in the air. It is wet and has a temperature that is not comfortable for us.

Luckily, the mechanical ventilation units are coming to help. The air is well-filtered and distributed to the rooms due to these efficient devices.
They also help to recover heat from the used air that is pulled outside from the building. Today it’s hard to imagine buildings without mechanical ventilation units. They filter, heat, cool and dry the air that we breathe. They became an integral part of any ventilation system.

Make a decision to install the Rotor-Vent equipment and breathe with relief!




About us.

Company «Rotor-Vent sp z o.o.» is a Polish manufacturer of ventilation equipment. The company was established by a team of specialists with almost 20 years' experience in designing and manufacturing of mechanical ventilation units and their key components. The office and production facility are located in Pruszcz-Gdańsk.




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Our offer

In our proposal you will find products of the highest quality intended for the proper air distribution. We produce mechanical heat recovery ventilation units, and air-to-air heat exchangers.



Do you have a small nursery or a huge open space? In the Rotor-Vent catalogue you can find products suitable for any application. Check our suspended and floor units available in different configurations.



Is proper air circulation important for you? Please contact us by phone, e-mail or fill in the form. You can also visit us at Pruszcz-Gdański. We are open to discuss all details and find the best solution for your needs!.

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