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Wymienniki obrotoweRotary heat exchangers characterize with high efficiency and moisture recovery from extracted air. It becomes important if we want to ventilate offices, warehouses and accommodation.

The efficiency of moisture recovery of such a regenerative system is so high that it is not necessary to use any condensate removal system as it is the case with traditional solutions.

With integrated control system rotary heat exchangers is capable to adjust smoothly the rotor revolutions.

It is also possible to completely stop the rotor, which makes possible to get kind of a bypass function and to cool the air in summer.


Properties of the product:

  • Drive engine with automation system makes the heat exchanger practically maintenance-free
  • The diameter range of the rotors available is up to 2,800 mm
  • The standard depth of the rotor housing is 235 - 325 mm. Such depth allows installation in most ventilation units
  • Suitable for high flow rates: up to 70,000 m3/h
  • Moisture recovery
  • Automatic defrosting
  • Possibility to deliver non-standard dimensions units to meet the specific requirements