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LEON units are a series of low-cost and compact PLUG&PLAY ventilation units, which are the core element of the mechanical ventilation system. Their main task is air-handling. The LEON units are modern suspended and floor mounted exhaust units which offer heat recovery. They have highly efficient plate and rotary heat exchangers.

The body of the unit is made of insulated panels incorporated into the self-bearing or framework structure (depending on the size of the unit). The insulating material is a mineral wool with a thickness of 30 or 50 mm. The external elements of the units are made of sheets with an aluminum or zinc coating, the internal elements are provided with a zinc coating, and all the trays for collecting condensate are made from acid-resistant stainless sheets.

The LEON units are equipped with a number of modern and efficient solutions, such as high-quality EC fans, modern (pre-filtration) mini-pleat panel filters or automatic bypass to prevent freezing.

The devices have a very intuitive touch control panel, which allows controlling all the functions of the unit such as fans, a heater and a cooler. The automation system makes it possible to connect additional peripheral devices, such as water heaters, freon and water coolers or shut-off dumpers. At the same time, the system allows the unit to operate in a certain mode according to the established schedule and informs about necessary maintenance operations. It is also possible to control the unit with mobile devices (option).