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centrala wentylacyjna
„Heat recovery because I care about my finances, but above all I care about the health and comfort of my family and beloved. In addition, I feel responsible for the environment, so I try to make a conscious decision, using every tool available to affect our environment in the least harmful way. Whether it is the trash sorting, products or technologies that helps to reduce emissions or reduce energy consumption. Heat recovery is the answer to all these aspects

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This is done by the flow of air through the 'heart' of the unit - the heat exchanger.



  • always fresh and oxygen rich air, regardless of the external conditions
  • continuous replacement of used with fresh air
  • air is filtered from particulates, dust and other contaminants
  • a less intrusive noise that we might hear through open windows
  • fewer insects, flies, mosquitoes due to pre-filtration
  • no harmful draughts, no need to ventilate
  • no steamy mirrors
  • possibility to get rid of the intense odors, after cooking for instance.
  • Cost savings on heating up to 50%
  • The possibility of reducing radiator sizes and the power output of the whole system in the range of 40-45%, due to the lower demand to heat the building
  • Lower CO2 emissions


Technical characteristics:


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