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Wymienniki krzyżoweThey are specially designed for installation where the exhaust air must not be mixed with the intake air. The main advantage of plate counter-flow heat exchangers is the separation of air flows. The design of the crossflow heat exchangers is based on a block of aluminium plates. The air passes separately between these plates.

We offer heat exchangers with a length of 300 to 3000 mm. Heat exchangers with a side length of more than 1000 mm consist of smaller blocks, for example, a heat exchanger with a base length of 1300 mm consists of four heat exchangers with a side length of 650 mm. We can produce a heat exchanger of any height with the possibility of separation in case of large sizes. In addition, different size of waves (.5; 5.5; 7.5; 9.5; 11.5; 13.5 mm.) allows the heat exchanger to be adjusted to any application or needs.